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Consulting and property management projects at its’s best. We offer comprehensive workshops and one on one consulting regarding all aspects of Real Estate.

Quality Real Estate Seminars

Knowing the in’s and out’s of a Real Estate project is half the battle. We offer extensive workshops and seminars throughout the community to help novice and experienced home owners make the most out of their investments.

Highly Professional Staff & Work Ethics

Aside from helping people are team is also here to get the job done with a level of professionalism and on budget. We renovate / remodel and manage several projects a year.


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Anything you can build from zero party or first party is

New Build

Anything you can build from zero party or first party is

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Ovin Abell

“The Pirus Group workshop help me avoid costly mistakes and see my remodel done in a timely manner.”

Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas

“New home needed a lot of work. Pirus Group Inc was able to manage my project on budget.”

Mark Henry

“I just needed some guidance on whether or not to build an ADU onto my property. With Pirus Group’s help I was able to move forward with my project.”

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